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Functional Strength is the answer…..

Functional strength is the “secret” to results and injury prevention. We came across this powerful message from our friends at Max Workouts The reason we love it so much is that it is EXACTLY what we have been focussing on, since we decided to make a massive change in the business back in 2016.  In fact, […]

Running… is it good for you??

Running: The Best & Worst Movement You Can Do (article from our friends at MovNat – author Danny Clark – Performance Director & Master Instructor) Running. I used to hate it. Correction: I used to abhor it. When I was a young athlete, I avoided it like a staph infection because anything longer than a […]

Wrist Pain & Injuries

Wrist pain can be debilitating because we use our hands for everything….. The wrist & hand form a precision instrument allowing performance of highly skilled tasks with great power or pinpoint accuracy. Injury to the hand or wrist can deprive us from achieving the most simple of tasks. Wrist pain or injury is common and […]

Core Stability: Myths & misconceptions

Myths & Misconceptions surround Core Stability There are many myths and misconceptions about core stability which has become a popular concept in both the rehabilitation and fitness industries in recent years. Everywhere you look, social media, TV, online, emails and even women’s magazines now implore you to ‘train your core’. Physiotherapists are seeing an increasing […]

Neck Pain can be debilitating…

Neck Pain can be a debilitating health problem. Your head is heavy and balanced on a narrow support made up of seven bones called vertebrae. The vertebrae are separated from each other by discs, stabilised by joints and ligaments and moved by muscles. Because the neck is so mobile, it is easily damaged. Onset of […]

Prevention is better than cure!

Preventive health is sometimes an underexposed aspect of the healthcare system. Any program or intervention that can improve your current physical and emotional health will in the long run decrease the possibility of incurring an injury or illness. Many aspects of today’s society are detrimental to our physical health. We live in communities where travel […]