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Walking and how to make it interesting…..

Walking is a skill…..?  Yes that’s right, it is…… Who would have thought that even the basics need to be performed correctly?  Walking is one of the most basic movement skills.  In line with our return to a focus on natural, functional movement & fitness, we are featuring information articles to help educate, and enhance our functional […]


EXCITING TIMES AHEAD!!! Alex, the owner of the business has a message she would like to share with you all about our exciting new direction!!! “I am a Sports Physiotherapist and sole owner of Regional Physio & In Balance Fitness. My specialty and passion has always been “restoration & maintenance of normal movement”.  I am […]

Natural, functional movement…

Do you want to know the 6 WORST things you can do if your goal is to lose weight, get lean & be strong? #1 Isolated exercises Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks for example – these movements don’t target enough muscle fibres. Instead, you need to focus on functional movements that stimulate the largest number of […]