Kids Classes

Natural Movement for Kids is a 10-week program during school term that will consist of 10 specifically designed classes by our Natural Movement Coaches aimed at optimising your child’s movement, keeping them engaged in play and free of pain.

Starting from July 25th 2019.

🌿 🤸🏽‍♂️ 💙 Thursdays 4-5pm

  • 10 week course
  • 8 places available
  • minimum 7 years of age.
  • $180 for the term (pay for 9 get 1 FREE).

Every child is screened at the beginning and end of the term program to ensure continuity and progression of skills. For this reason and to ensure best results we encourage children to be signed up from the first week for the term.

🌿 Please email or call 9622 5335 to reserve your spot.

Specialised Paediatric Team

  • Physiotherapy
    • Your physiotherapist will work with you to help you achieve your mobility, movement and gross motor goals.
    • Physiotherapy helps to improve your balance, coordination and strength through tailored therapy, exercises and informed advice.
    • Selection and prescription of mobility equipment.


  • Speech Pathology
    • Our speech pathologists are experts in swallowing, language, comprehension and vocabulary. They are also equipped to manage emotional regulation and social interaction skills.
    • Check out In Balance Speech Pathology for more information.


  • Occupational Therapy
    • Our occupational therapist is equipped with the knowledge and skill to work with you to achieve everyday activities with confidence.
    • They can help with:
      • Children with autism improve learning and social skills
      • Improve developmental issues and address behavioural challenges with children
      • Progress gross and fine motor skills, hand writing and attention.
      • Provide support, aides and strategies for more significant disabilities.


  • Your FREE phone consult with an IBPF Service Engagement Officer will reveal if we are the right clinic for you!
  • CALL NOW on 9622 5335 to secure your spot for FREE PHONE CONSULT.