Strong, as in, ‘functionally strong’ – it is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT for a long healthy life!

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Way beyond 600 pound deadlift strong. I’m talking about work all day with a smile on your face, indefatigable strong. Climb up anything strong. Easily pick up heavy objects from awkward angles that would hurt others strong. The type of keen strength that can be communicated from a distance, and no one wants to mess with. You’re going to discover how to stimulate the billion-year-old DNA you’ve inherited by becoming more powerful, conditioned, and capable than most homo sapiens dare to fathom. In the process you’ll become more physical, more animal, more true to your nature, and less civilised. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female; elder or youth. It’s a human ability that lies within us all, and we’re going to wake it up from dormancy.

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You may put on muscle by following the principles embedded in this philosophy, yes, if muscle is what’s constraining your potential. But this isn’t a muscle building philosophy, nor is it more powerlifting dogma. Ironically enough, it’s an ahead-of-its-time philosophy that’s more ancient than any other – far wiser and more effective than any of the civilised and sterile teachings of strength you may be more familiar with. Once adopted and practiced consistently, your new way of training will put you on a trajectory where neural-charged, indestructible, integrated-mind-and-body primordial strength is yours, packaged in a higher vitality unbeknownst to modernity. So you can become the awesome human you were designed to be, and serve others while fully enjoying the experience of being alive because you are overflowing with vigour and spirit.

Upon adopting this philosophy, you will shed mental and physical layers in order to become the animal that you were designed to be. You will look beyond the relatively modern culture of barbells, kettlebells, yoga mats, and even martial arts. You will see beyond the superficial appearance of strength and it’s false quantified, reduced version. You’ll finally taste first-hand the lithe, life-pulsing purity of strength in its authentic state. Our ancestors – especially those that lived beyond a few thousand years ago – knew that strength was essential for not only for physical, but spiritual growth. Its acquisition was simply a way of life; a necessity to remain a tuned and precise instrument; dangerous and connected to reality through the senses. By turning away from the slow bleed, numbing death of convenience, comfort, and safety, you too will understand what they knew and felt. Hang on though. The terrain is rugged, yet it’s the fertile ground of growing pure strength!

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