Francine has been working with Crystal McLachlan, one of our Personal Trainers, since earlier in 2014.

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Here is her story…..

I’m 27, I’ve always enjoyed exercising but with a lot of the different medications I’ve been on since I was 16 there has been a lot of weight related side effects so its often been very hard to lose weight, control eating habits and have basic motivations for doing so.

For a couple of months or so I might be really good with nutrition and exercising, lose weight feel really good and then my mood can alter and I have a medication change and it all goes to pot again.

My friend Kelly and I started going to the gym in January 2014.   We started with the classes that Crystal took (War, Konga, Boot camps) and then a bit later started a gym program with her.

We decided to sign up for personal training because we had lost some weight doing the classes but not as much as we would have hoped and our motivation started to slip a little….

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Very soon after starting with Crystal I noticed a difference in  myself.  I started to feel a lot better physically and mentally, probably a week or so into the program.

I feel personal training has helped me because it keeps me more motivated than I would be if I was working out by myself, because I want to do well not only for myself but for Crystal.   She has so much faith in us and our abilities that we don’t want to let her down.  Always pushing us to do better and reach our goals

The other benefits I have noticed from having a personal trainer are  knowledge of what muscles to work to get the goals or toning you want, specific programs to help with areas you want to work on, correct ways of doing exercises so you don’t hurt yourself and reach your goals quicker.”

Advice from Francine if you are considering personal training….

“Definitely do it, you will so much better for it, especially people that have mental health issues.  I feel so much better mentally and physically than I have done in a very long time, and I know that with the help of Crystal and In Balance Fitness its something that I can keep getting better and better with and maintain it once I have reached my goals.”

 Feedback for Crystal from Francine

“I would just like to say that I think she’s a fantastic trainer and I wouldn’t of been able to get where I am already (in such a short time) without her.  She’s helped me so much by keeping me motivated and being so supportive and positive, I feel so much better about myself  and my future, I can keep going with my weight loss journey and improving my mental health all the time.  A huge thank you!!”