Please say hello to the lovely Alicia, who recently turned 25 and has been seeing Karen Newton, one of our Personal Trainers for approximately 1 year. Although in her words she “honestly didn’t start taking the whole ‘working out and eating right’ seriously until this year.”

Alicia started by seeing Karen twice per week but is now in a regular program and sees Karen once per week as well as working out herself.

Thanks for sharing your story Alicia and allowing us to share it with our clients!!

A little bit about Alicia:

“I played netball throughout my school years, plus a couple of years after. Had to stop playing due to my shoulder muscle tightening whenever I throw the ball. Only real exercise after that was walking the dog.”

“My eating habits were poor until recently. I used to skip breakfast and sometimes have a snack or takeaway for dinner, or nothing at all. In recent months I have started having breakfast and down sized my portions for lunch and dinner. Plus I’ve opted for more healthy meals.”

What made you decide to choose personal training and following a program as opposed to just joining the gym?

“At the start I knew that if there was someone expecting me to turn up I would actually go, as opposed to making excuse to not go. Also I had never been to the gym before so having a PT was a way for me to learn about the equipment.”

When did you start noticing a difference in yourself?

“About a month and a half after first starting I noticed a huge improvement in my posture, so did my friends and family. But weight and muscle wasn’t until June this year. Like I mentioned on Q2, I only really started taking my work outs and eating habits seriously earlier this year.”

How do you feel personal training has helped (as opposed to working out by yourself)?

“Motivation. I do attend the gym outside of my PT sessions but feel I sometimes don’t put in enough effort. Plus ensuring I have the right technique and my posture is right – considering my posture was crap before I started going to the gym it is now a priority that I keep a good posture.”

What other benefits do you think have come from having a personal trainer?

“For a newbie to the gym it was a great way to learn about the equipment and what I could handle. For me it’s also great to have someone keeping record of what I could (or couldn’t do) when I first started compared to what I can do now.”

Any advice for others….?

“DO IT! But do it because you love your body, not because you hate it. You wont be devastated that you don’t have a flat tummy after the first session then.”

Alicia Before & after pic