Introducing our NEW & IMPROVED membership structure!  We now have options for everyone.   Check them out below:
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Standard Memberships

includes a free fitness program where you learn a variety of exercises and ways to train, and set your fitness goals.  Need EXTRA help?  No worries, we have you covered.  Our Personal Trainers have fitness qualifications specialising in many unique styles of training to shift those stubborn kilos from your problem areas!
INCLUDES: Group Fitness classes & gym access

Health Plus Memberships

includes all classes on the timetable!  Our Specialised classes are smaller groups with a highly trained coach.  Yoga, Tai Chi, Specialised (Clinical) Pilates & Floor Pilates.   All classes are limited in size, so you get personalised assistance from the specialised coach. Discounts off personalised, program based, Clinical Shared Pilates.

LIMITED MEMBERSHIPS available due to small classes!
INCLUDES: All classes & specialised group training, as well as gym access
This membership is only $10 per week more than the Standard Membership but with SO MUCH more variety & choice of workouts. WHAT A BARGAIN! Get yours today!


Incorporating all the latest research, as well as getting back to Alex’s initial vision for the business, we are SO excited for these new changes and improvements to our list of services!!!
New timetable starts Monday 15th August & will be available on the website & Facebook soon 🙂