Do you want to know the 6 WORST things you can do if your goal is to lose weight, get lean & be strong?

Bicep curls, not functional movement#1 Isolated exercises

Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks for example – these movements don’t target enough muscle fibres.

Instead, you need to focus on functional movements that stimulate the largest number of muscles possible & expend lots of energy.


machines, not functional movement #2 Using machines

Machines alter the way your body moves NATURALLY, and restrict your range of motion.

Instead, focus your workouts on FUNCTIONAL, NATURAL movements to boost your metabolism and tone your ENTIRE physique!

treadmill 2

#3 Spending HOURS on the treadmill….

Sometimes when it comes to exercise LESS IS MORE! Which will be music to the ears of many our busy clients! Long bouts of cardio are not NECESSARY.

Instead, incorporate short bursts of high intensity exercise into your workouts = far more beneficial & you will hit your goals faster.


crunches, not functional movement

#4 Crunches & Sit-Ups

If you want a 6-pack – you DO NOT need to do hundreds of crunches & sit-ups – even if you do – you will NOT get a 6-pack!

Instead, you need to burn off your belly fat. This can be done using functional movement exercises that stimulate multiple abdominal muscles at once!  Another thing to consider is – try to control what you put in your mouth! 🙂 🙂

repeat 2

#5 Repeat, repeat, repeat…..

Doing the same workout over & over will lead you to a frustrating block on the way to your goals. That’s why we recommend a new program every 4-6 weeks.

Instead, mix things up a bit, do different classes, try yoga, tai chi & get a new program regularly from your trainer.

exhausted, not functional movement

#6 Spending half your life in the gym…

Just because you workout LONGER does NOT mean you will reach your goals faster.

Instead, focus on shorter workouts incorporating functional, high intensity strength training. Our coaches and instructors will be happy to help you reach your goals quicker, with less time spent working out!

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If you want to combat the negative effects of today’s comfortable, but sedentary lifestyle AND have a healthier mind, a healthier body & be disease free – it means that moving naturally is the way to go, by focusing on functional exercises & training. This is what is going to get you the results you want faster, and with greater health benefits.

Benefits of Functional Movement strength training:

Based on the following 2 principles:

First move WELL, then move OFTEN!

Protect, correct and develop functional, natural movement in our bodies!

Even after 1 x session you’ll start to improve endurance, balance, posture, strength, coordination and agility from head to toe!

Learning FUNCTIONAL movements will help in ALL aspects of your life.

Learning varied workouts incorporating functional movement principles will challenge your body and there is no danger of you getting comfortable or bored!


Benefits of Natural Movement:

Natural movements are SENSORY rich, so you need your brain switched ‘on’ in order to complete them. E.g. walking on a balance beam, using a skipping rope, running through the bush on a hiking trail, paddling a stand-up paddle board.

Compare that to lying on your back doing a bench press—great load on the push muscles and great load on the pecs, but not a lot of sensory information.

We could probably take out half of your brain and you could still bench press. I’m not sure you could do a Turkish getup, or that you could stand up on a paddle board, run a technical trail or walk on a balance beam. Things that require your mind to be engaged and your sensory pathways to be open are very, very important.

Natural Movement replicates patterns that we would see throughout the lifespan of somebody living in a natural, authentic environment. They would have to crawl. They’d have to balance. They would have to run. They’d have to climb. They would have to manipulate the body and go under and over obstacles.

THIS is the essence of MovNat.

When you reconnect with your body’s natural movement abilities – everything from getting out of bed to moving furniture, to playing with your children will feel different. You will be astonished how your body responds to practicing its natural movements. The complex and adaptable movement patterns practiced in MovNat promote a clarity and restful state for the mind. This feeling of competence, peace, and grace is the feeling of being your true self.

By practicing in a safe & controlled environment, you will start to gain the skills, strength and conditioning essential to adapt and perform in any environment. (more about MovNat can be found here)


We are excited to announce that our new re-vamped, better than ever timetable will be focusing on natural & functional movement philosophies, so stay tuned for further details.

AND we are working hard towards having a unique gym that specialises in functional, natural movement as the ultimate form of getting & staying fit & healthy (body & mind).

Step 1 is our new timetable.

Step 2.  The team at Regional Physio & In Balance Fitness are SO EXCITED and proud to announce that we will be bringing Natural Movement classes to Northam soon!!!!

First we just need to ensure our staff are adequately trained to deliver these fantastic programs and get everything prepared for this exciting new direction.

Thanks to everyone for your support so far and we can’t wait to introduce you to these exciting new changes.