That’s right folks – our next Meditation course commences Tuesday 13th October @ 4pm sharp (through til 5:30pm) for 5 weeks.

Come along and learn how to use these simple techniques to help you better deal with stressors in your life.

Previous participants had this to say…..

“I feel more calm, able to reduce my stress levels and control my reaction to stressors. I feel happier in myself.  I am more relaxed, calm and less tense.  Karen is an excellent teacher, with a calm voice that makes it easy to focus on and relax with.”  Sharon Hook – Regional Physio Northam course

“I am using some of the techniques to decrease stress and tension.  I feel more relaxed and have less reaction to stressors now” Karen – Regional Physio Northam course

“I have learnt to ‘let go’ of some of the random thoughts when awake at night and my concentration has improved.  I am now coping better with stressful situations, I’ve learnt to slow down and now have less neck stress & tension” Marg – Regional Physio Northam course

More info on the course, as well as the benefits of meditation, can be found here

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