Functional strength is the “secret” to results and injury prevention.

We came across this powerful message from our friends at Max Workouts

The reason we love it so much is that it is EXACTLY what we have been focussing on, since we decided to make a massive change in the business back in 2016.  In fact, it’s been at the core of Alex’s vision & purpose ever since she started the business over 20 years ago, but it’s been our key focus for the last 2 years, and will be into 2019 too.

You may have seen our new tag line on our fabulous new window photographs (thanks to Angie Roe Photography):  Move well, live well, feel great!

At the very core of “moving well”, is ensuring you are functionally strong.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can lift really heavy dumbbells!  In fact, functional strength is quite different from what you might imagine, when we are bombarded by images of ‘body beautiful’ muscle bound people lifting heavy weights.  Many of those people are not actually functionally strong!

From Shin Ohtake (Max Workouts):

“I just wanted to share this story about our move two weeks ago…

Susan and I moved. I had a minute to chat with the movers—guys loading boxes into the truck to take them over to the apartment.

The guy I talked to must have been pushing 65. Stan was his name.

You ever hear about “old man strength?” Stan had it. Still going strong after working odd jobs his entire life.

Anyway, in our conversation, we started talking about injury.

I told him about my past as a chiropractor, work with Active Release Technique® (soft tissue treatment), and the injuries I worked with when I was in practice and treating patients.

To my surprise, I mentioned, I never saw a lot of people like Stan coming in for treatment (guys who lift furniture for a living were rarely on my schedule).

You’d think that Stan—this guy lifting couches, bookshelves, bed frames, and 50 lb boxes every day, 6 days a week and pushing 65—would be one of the top candidates for chiropractic help. But he wasn’t.

What was his secret?

He told me something I’m sure I’ve mentioned to you before…

“I try to use as many muscles as possible.” 


“Lifts start with your core.”

This is a great example of a concept I try to share with everyone who wants to start working out or move on to a more effective plan: Functional strength is the “secret” to results and injury prevention.

You see, using functional training when you work out helps you….

  • Prevent Injury (Like Stan in this example)
  • See Results FASTER (because you work multiple muscles at once)
  • Boost Your Metabolism (activate more muscles = more calories burned)
  • Learn Workouts Quickly (you don’t have to worry about a machine or bulky weights)”

Thanks Shin for presenting our message in such a powerful way.  If you’d like to learn more about how Functional Strength can transform your life, book an appointment with us today. Call (08) 9622 5335 for your FREE phone consult!  Or check out our timetable to see all our group classes (each one of them incorporating the principles of natural movement and functional strength).