As part of our new Wellbeing focus, we now have Clinical Studio Pilates on an ongoing basis at Regional Physio.


Clinical Pilates is the primary form of exercise rehabilitation used by our physiotherapists to improve how you move.  It is used to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions including back pain, headaches and hyper-mobility.  Clinical Pilates uses specifically designed exercise programs to improve core stability, spinal mobility and restore normal movement patterns.

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As everyone is different, an individual assessment consultation is required prior to commencing Clinical Studio Pilates.  This is included in our introductory pack, detailed below.


The introductory pack includes:

  • An one-on-one examination conducted by your physiotherapist, including a PosturePro digital analysis of your posture
  • Development of an individualised Clinical Pilates program specific to your needs, to be conducted in our Pilates Studio
  • Fundamentals of Clinical Pilates
  • 2 private 30 minute Clinical Pilates sessions with our physiotherapist to familiarise yourself with the exercises and equipment
  • A short 10 minute take home program
  • FREE starter pack

(book 3 sessions – 1 x 40 minutes, 2 x 30minutes)


After this, you can continue booking sessions with our physiotherapist, or alternatively you can choose to join a small group of 3-4 other Clinical Pilates participants.

If your Private Health Insurance covers Physiotherapy, you will also be able to claim a rebate on your Pilates sessions!

For more information, and to get started call us now on 08 9622 5335!