Congratulations Danelle!!

“I am 45 years old and was pretty active when I was younger, but due to a work injury to both knees early on in my career and later a sports injury of a broken foot, I found it hard to exercise and working many years of shift work and not having a great diet hasn’t help with the weight gain.


After many months of procrastinating, I finally got the courage to walk into the gym in May 2014. I was met by one of their friendly staff, and they made me feel at ease and got me motivated to join up and get exercising.


I had done personal training in 1997 and knew the benefits I could gain from doing the personal training sessions in conjunction with attending the gym.


I started to notice a difference in my cardio fitness a few weeks in, and at the completion of the 12 weeks I noticed a big change in my body shape.


Personal training has helped me keep motivated and to push myself to go a bit further or harder than I would when training by myself.  As my trainer tells me it is like having your own personal cheer squad, cheering you on when you think you can’t go that bit harder or longer when training.


Other benefits from personal training I have noticed are that I have learned the correct way of working out, so I don’t hurt myself and I am closer to reaching my goals.


My advice to others thinking of doing personal training or joining the gym, is take that first step and walk on in, even though sometimes it might be hard during your training session and at the beginning, afterwards you feel so much better and once your fitness levels increase you physically and mentally are in a much better place.


Without the guidance and support of my trainer, and the staff at In Balance Fitness, I know I wouldn’t have got as far into my weight loss journey as I have, I know I still have a way to go but with my trainer’s help I know I will stay positive and reach my goal.”